What is this blog about?

Too many children are imprisoned in deeply unsatisfying schooling experiences.  But, we can also free them from the narrow definitions and limited choices we have given them by rethinking and redesigning education NOW.  This has been my life mission and my life’s work.  I hope to share some part of that journey here.

How to educate one’s children is a decision with long-term implications:  1. for society 2. for the family, and 3. for the child and his or her destiny.  We are failing the future generations with our current systems.

I hope to stimulate  readers into thinking about the child as a free human being in a state of development.  This question of FREEDOM in education is an important one.

Many coherent and thoughtful scientists, doctors, and philosophers over the past century have developed theories and ideas about education that are worth studying, though most educators today are only required to teach their state curriculum standards and have no authority to veer from them.  I hope to broaden the perspective and increase expectations for what a quality education can be.

The big questions to explore:

What is a human being?

How does a child become a fully realized adult and how do we support that process through schooling?  

How do we become a truly free society of fully realized adults?

How does humanity reach its potential and break out of its materialism and evolve?

How do we know ourselves as humanity and what supports that human evolution?  



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