What is this blog about?

What is a man?

How does a child become a fully realized adult and how do we support that process?  
How do we become a truly free society of fully realized adults? 
How does humanity reach its potential and break out of its materialism and evolve?  
How do we know ourselves as humanity and what supports that human evolution?  


How to educate one’s children is a decision with long-term implications both for society at large and for the family, not to mention the single child in question.  Whether we think of it deeply or whether we ignore the matter completely, the fact remains that how a child is educated  effects  their future and the collective future of humanity.

I hope to start or stimulate some readers into thinking about this question deeply and about how to free children.  I think to some degree, we imprison our children in deeply unsatisfying schooling experiences.  We can free them from the narrow definitions and limited choices we have given them in society today by making better choices today.

My first post explains what I hope to explore in writing through this blog, though it won’t be limited to this topic alone. I hate to use the word “should,” because I don’t think there are any “shoulds” in life.  The word is so full of judgement and yet, because I really do want more people to know about the choices available in education I must include should in this.  I think we should all know about what we are choosing when we choose a child’s school. It will define who they are as a human being and it will define our future as humanity.

Even if a reader doesn’t choose Waldorf Education for their child’s education, just knowing about some of these ideas and approaches to education can be helpful to open minds. Education can be more than a test. What Steiner lectured about, is one thing.  He was one person in history who looked for answers, many others have also looked for answers to these deeper questions.  There are coherent systems of thought about children, education and the future of humanity if we are just willing to look at them with open minds. In terms of applying it to parenting and education, Steiner’s views could work alongside other ideas in breaking down the unhealthy and outmoded restrictions of traditional schooling.

Why Every Parent Should Know Rudolf Steiner

What is a Man?