About Me

My journey in education has been a journey of sampling from a buffet.  Ever since I was a high school student my thought about mainstream education has been, “There has got to be a better way than this!” I have spent most of my adult life searching for that better way.  My wish is to take what I have gathered from my experiences and study and share it with others. I hope to help inform others who want to pursue something different.

I don’t believe in one size fits all with education. I have had to look for myself at everything I could lay my hands on and try it on.  May we all find the courage to find what we seek or to create what we want. I am not writing this to “sell” anyone on Waldorf Education, I don’t require converts.   Though, I openly disclose that I am currently employed at a Waldorf School.  No one type of school is right for everyone.  I am also not interested in bashing public schools with generalizations and blanket statements, because I want good education choices freely available to all, regardless of ability to pay. But, a free education need not be forced, nor resemble a prison, nor be based solely on a multiple-choice test which benefits big corporations at the expense of the students.