Anthroposophy and Secrecy

I am forwarding a post recently given by Jeremy Smith.  I too have long wondered about all of the secrecy put over by anthroposophists and consider it pretty unhealthy for the Waldorf Schools in particular.  I have long felt that Waldorf Schools need to be more explicit and upfront with people about the underlying philosophy. People will absorb what they are able to and and ready to receive at any given time in the way of spiritual understanding and knowledge.

Can it be damaging to expose humanity to the secrets of the universe too soon in their development? Perhaps, but I am more inclined to believe they will just be turned off and tuned out and uninterested if they are not ready to hear it.

I suppose, if you liken spiritual knowledge with, say, nuclear fusion, then yes, it could be damaging. But, there may be some flaws with an analogy like that.

At what point do we declare ourselves ready for receiving spiritual insight?  Wouldn’t it be the spiritual world itself who governs this discernment of readiness?  We simply don’t know enough to worry! So, I say, share your insights with those who want to listen, and relax the secrecy.  Nobody here (on this earth plane) has the corner market on truth.

Some of the comments on the recent thread “An Open Letter to Frank Thomas Smith,” about the online publication of the lessons of the First Class of the School of Spiritual Science, have caused me to think quite hard about my own position on making the lessons and mantrams available to any who seek them. […]

via Anthroposophy, the First Class and the Dharma Protectors — anthropopper


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