Increase Your Grey Matter with a Second Language

Studies are beginning to reveal more about how young learners compare to older learners when it comes to learning second languages.

Mindshift recently blogged a brief  video about the most recent research which shows why it is so important and valuable for children to have the opportunity to learn a second language.

At Great Oak School, we offer both German and Spanish.  Children in all elementary grades receive two lessons per week in each.  In many Waldorf schools, two languages are offered because the units of sound are so unique to each.   Often a school will offer one Latin-based language, such as Spanish, and one non-Latin based language, such as German or Mandarin.  Whenever possible, native speakers of the language are hired to teach the language to children.  Read the bios of our World Language Teachers.

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Prior to the 1960s, scientists thought children who spoke more than one language had a handicap for learning because they had to spend too much time distinguishing between languages. With more modern brain imaging technology, researchers can now see how multilingualism actually strengthens the brain. People who speak more than one language have a higher density…

via Why Multilingual People Have Healthier, More Engaged Brains — MindShift

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