Teens and Screens

I am so grateful that through my involvement with Waldorf education, I have been exposed to the ideas about the importance of movement, contact with nature, nutrition, play, and the reduction of screen time with children and how all of it impacts their development.  I am certain my children reaped the benefit.

Children today are truly under siege from these forces that so markedly degrade their physical and mental health.  Parents often feel helpless to stop the tidal wave that is coming towards them and most face these new parenting challenges without any precedence to fall back to from their own childhoods.

A recent documentary film, Screenagers is worthy of the attention of all parents, teachers, and the media and highlights the parenting crisis that the childhood addiction to screen time has raised for young people today.

Following our brief parent orientation meeting on August 25th, the Great Oak School community will view the film Screenagers and share a time of conversation, reflection, and discussion.

RSVP for non-Great Oak School community member required.  For more information about the film, go to http://www.screenagersmovie.com/.


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