Being on Time

Growing up I got used to hearing my parents rail against anyone who failed to show the courtesy of being on time.  So it is partly due to my upbringing that 1. my blood pressure rises disproportionately high in comparison to the relative importance of being late and 2. I feel a tinge of resentment towards others when they don’t show up when they said they would. I don’t think I am as intolerant as my parents were about lateness, but if someone is habitual with it, I do tend to see it as the character flaw of self-centeredness.

Whether you are usually punctual or perpetually late, you will enjoy reading The Waldorf Mom Blog, written by Panjee, a Phillipina Waldorf parenting veteran of 19 years.  Panjee has assembled a nice range of topics on her blog: Waldorf discipline, being present, festivals, media and more. My personal favorite was this gem about punctuality. It encourages me to find new ways to communicate my needs for punctuality, to have empathy with myself when I am late, and with others too, and to continue to strive to Be on Time as a life habit. This shows courtesy to others.

I share it in the spirit of the new school year right around the corner.



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