Understanding your Choices in PreSchool Programs


Today, I went looking for “Waldorf Parenting” websites and ran across this helpful article from PBS Parents on Preschool philosophies.  I think it’s an excellent, informative and concise article to refer any new parents to for the big picture, the full buffet of educational choices available and how they are different, without overwhelming with too much information.

I always get excited whenever Waldorf Education gets mentioned by a mainstream source, like PBS or CNN.  I appreciated the clear and concise explanations the author gave. Reading this today also provided me with another example that there are other people out there in the world besides me who want to know a school’s philosophy before signing children up for a school.

Countless hours immersed, reading these philosophies and trying to help parents get familiar with them, I can attest that having accurate and unbiased summaries of these are invaluable.  My dear older sister was a Montessori teacher for many years, and reading Maria Montessori’s books was one of my first introductions to alternative approaches.  I could always spot when a critic was not being accurate or fair about Montessori after hearing her speak about it for years.

I think we can have respect for different  educational approaches.  Each sees the task of education through different lenses.   Which lenses do you prefer?





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